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Pretoria web design, Doornpoort.How to find a web designer near me in Pretoria. It's easy for me to find a web designer near me, because I am one, but for you it may be more complex. If you have found this article you have been successful, this website is less about finding a web designer than about the services offered by web design companies.

One of the services offered by web design companies is search engine optimisation, this page is obviously being optimised for finding a web designer near me in Pretoria, in order to help you find me. I am going to tell you all about the services offered by web designers so that you can decide and assess what type of web designer you are looking for.

What do web designers near me do, that graphic designers don't?

Graphic designers are trained for print where the highest quality images are important, Images for print need to be crisp and thus high resolution, High resolution images on the web however gum up the works because they take a ling time to download. Web designers need to reduce the images in size and weight to ensure they download as quickly as possible. This need to be done without degrading the image quality for the viewer.

Over optimised images usually look bitty and have artifacts making them less pleasurable to look at. web designers near me also understand coding, with HTML being the very minimum requirement. There are many wyswig (what you see is what you get)) packages available now that make web designers near me jobs simpler.

This allowed graphic designers to offer web design services. The problem with wysiwig design is that most of these packages will be very code intensive. I have seen websites with up to 5x more code than is needed to do the job. The more code the slower the web site. The slower the website, the more people leave before seeing what you offer.

Do web designers near me do more than just basic web site design?

I can't talk about all web designers but can tell you this. Since the advent of apps like Wordpress, it has become easier to offer cheap web design services. Many web designers do no design at all anymore because finding a theme or template free is as easy as searching the web, downloading it and adding it to a wordpress installation. It's a great deal for the cheap web designer because he has to do very little work to create a web site.

There are however downsides to this approach. If your web designer in Pretoria, is not very good and has no knowledge of search engine optimisation this could be a problem. Wordpress is not automatically search engine optimisable, There are plug ins that can be down loaded to make it more so, but if someone is being paid a R 1000.00 or less, this would be extra time spent on the site for no reward.

Having said that Wordpress is great for blogs and owner updatable websites, There are plugins and themes that will add all the bells and whistles, this does however come at a cost to speed. If you have a budget web site with only 5 pages, WordPress has more overhead than you will have content. That overhead slows down your website and that has a negative impact on the search engines.

Local web designers like me may have a better solution, I am obviously not the only local web designer that develops web sites in Pretoria, using raw code to ensure low overhead, There must be more than one of us, but I couldn't tell you who does. I can offer budget web sites in Pretoria because I have written my own package to reduce overhead. I can put up a website in hours using my system thus saving you money.

The Wordpress system is 38 megabytes, mine is 15.9 kilobytes, Can you tell how much faster my website will be? Not one of the pages has an overhead of more than 6 kilobytes. Even on the slowest of internet connections the downloads are instantaneous even if the graphics are not smaller than 100kb each.

My package includes things like sitemaps, robots.txt, search engine ready title and meta tag fields. We also do the semantic web as a standard feature. The package is designed to get great search engine results for even the smallest of businesses.

Does the web designer near me, in Pretoria, do bespoke development

We have a number of standard package offerings to make it simpler to get your business online, These packages vary in cost, and if we don't have a package to suit your specific requirements, we can modify our offerings or create something specific for your needs. If you need something special, just ask.

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